Smart on Crime in Waterloo Region

A community based plan by the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council

Smart on Crime in Waterloo Region focuses on what works best to prevent and reduce crime, victimization and fear of crime. Based on input from over 700 residents, partner organizations and community leaders in Waterloo Region, this plan provides a shared direction for the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council over the next four years (2010 – 2014).

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Getting to the Roots of Crime

2010 - 2014 Community Plan

Quite simply, preventing crime before it happens, is the Smart thing to do. Smart on Crime in Waterloo Region is our community’s plan for engaging the entire region, from the grassroots to the highest levels of decision making, in creating sustainable momentum, actions and results today. Find out how you can get smart on crime in your community.

Addressing the Needs of Victims through the Criminal Justice System

We all agree that both the direct and indirect victims of crime deserve society’s help and support. Victims want services to help them come to terms with their trauma, loss, and grief so they can move on. Government supported services, compensation for their injuries, and measures to prevent both the occurrence and reoccurrence of crime are important to victims of illegal action.

Do you have ephebiphobia?

My path in crime prevention started almost 20 years ago; my formal path that is. But, even prior to that, my work with those who were marginalized and/or victimized was also “crime prevention”. I just didn’t know it then. I certainly didn’t call it that. I know better now!

Lessons Learned in a Gang Project

Before inREACH ended in December 2013, I shared 5 important lessons learned from the inREACH gang prevention project with the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council. While project funding has ended, some parts continue and there is much to be learned about addressing youth gang involvement in our community for the future.  Here are some highlights.

1. What are your assumptions and values?  

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